July Favourites


Cue the ‘I can’t believe its the end of the month already ‘ speech. Seriously though, I cannot believe it’s the end of the month and we’re almost in August! Crazy right???

So since it’s that time, it’s time for me to share with you lovely people what I’ve been enjoying throughout the month.

Let me start with the lipstick… Obviously! As you know, I’m loving bright pinks for the Summer but this one is slightly more cool toned and neutral compared to my usual choices. Over the past few weeks I’ve been wearing MAC’s Snob, a beautiful light purpely pink which really does compliment any look, although I have preferred to wear it with a bare eye for every day. It’s one from their satin finish range which just glides on and provides a little sheen without looking too glossy and one that anyone can pull off!


We’ll stay on the make up train for now and move onto the mascara that has graced my eye lashes over the past three weeks. I’ve mentioned before that I am in love with Maybelline mascaras and no matter how many different wand variations they come up with, they never fail to impress. So as you can imagine when I caught wind of their latest launch, Colossal Go Extreme!, nothing could stop me from getting my hands on it! At first, I picked up the waterproof version and while it was fantastic at lengthening my lashes, it wasn’t the best for volume. Not one to throw in the towel, I bought the non waterproof one as sometimes they can be slightly different, and right enough, I was not disappointed. This one did it all, lengthened, volumised and held a curl. Maybelline mascaras are half the price as high end ones and in my experience are just as good. If you’re after that fluttery eye look, check them out!

My next favourite is also a new one at the drugstore. Max Factor have brought out a range of four Colour Correcting Crayons that you sweep on any area where you feel you need to  and you have an even canvas to start your base. I picked up the green one as I sometimes have trouble with red patches on my cheeks and round my nose. I have to say that after application, I look pretty pale although I’m applying foundation on top so it’s an issue I can see past. I find that this evens out my complexion perfectly and I don’t use nearly as much foundation as I don’t have as much to cover. They have three other colours to correct dark spots and brighten up your skin. If you are in need of a little skin boost at just under a tenner, you’d be mad not to give them a go.

The last make up item I have to talk about this month is the MAC Prep and Prime primer. I have never actually purchased a full size tube of this as I always receive a sample size when I place an order online. For every day primers I tend to use my Body Shop tea tree one or Benefit Porefessional but I never get ready for a night out without prep and prime. It’s literally like the primer grabs onto your make up for it’s dear life and will not let go all night! I accidentally fell asleep with my make up still on the other night and when I woke up, I kid you not, my whole face was still perfectly in tact! And let me tell you, I do some serious tossing and turning through the night.

Skin care wise, I have been pretty happy with my routine but it had gotten a tad expensive so I decided to be on the lookout for small things I could change here and there. I dabbled with a few products and ultimately ended up going back to my old routine with the exception of toner. I have been using the Clinique toner for oily skin for some time now and don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love it and to be honest, it’s still my favourite but I have hung it up for now in favour of the La Roche-Posay Physiological Soothing Toner. It has pretty much the same ingredients as the Clinique one with the exception of alcohol which I don’t mind. It still has some acids to get rid of bacteria which makes it a winner for me. As long as I can feel the tingly sensation on my face which lets me know it’s working, it’s all good and its half the price of the Clinique one… Result!

I’ve only had this last product for a week and technically I should leave it for my August favourites, but I love it so much that I just couldn’t wait! If you don’t have a bit of Glam Glow in your life, you are seriously missing out… Seriously, get your order in! I have two of their masks but I ma particularly loving their Super Mud Clearing Treatment. It’s the same as any other mask in that you just apply it all over the face, leave it to dry for for twenty minutes and wash it off, no hassle. But guys, this has changed my skin care routine forever! It literally pulls all of the crap out from under your skin before your eyes. At the end of the twenty minutes, your face will be pretty gross looking but once you wash it off, I guarantee it will be like you have a new face! I’ve used this twice so far as an over all treatment and I use it as a spot treatment over night if I feel I need it and wake up in the morning and that unicorn horn that was growing out of my head is flat. This mask will set you back £45 and it’s pretty small but worth every penny in my eyes!


6 Steps To A Positive Mindset



So it’s safe to say that I’ve had a few worries recently. I found a new job and quit my current one (scary!) and I’m making a lot of life decisions just now that are making me second guess myself #stresscentral!

I’m sure that I’m not the only one that has times like these, when things get me down and I feel generally rubbish! I used to be the kind of person that whenever I got stressed, I couldn’t eat or sleep, now I’m the complete opposite! I pig out on all the bad stuff and can’t get through the day without a nap – probably all that junk food making me so tired! So the past few weeks have been one of those times, it’s not the first and it definitely won’t be the last, I am human after all and coming to that realisation lead to another… I need to give myself a break!

We can sometimes be our toughest critics and that’s just not going to cut it in order to think positively, is it?

Whatever it is that you’re worrying about, whether it be health, a partner, friends, family or even if you’re just going through a spell of feeling pretty crappy, just remember that it’s normal and we all get those times.

It always takes me a while to get out of my ruts and I’m not there yet, but here are the 6 things I do whenever I need a pick me up…

1. Stop second guessing yourself – Whatever decision you made or are about to make, what is  the worst that can happen? Think of the worst case scenario and find a coping mechanism, you’ll often find that the end result is never as bad as that. Made a bad decision that’s backfiring? Take positive steps to deal with it and leave it behind you! You’re worth so much more than letting one thing define you! If you still feel it eating away at you, talk to someone you trust. If you don’t have anyone that you trust in your network, go online. There are forums and support groups for everything! Literally everything! And I guarantee you are not the only person in the word with your problem so share it!

2. Drink water – The simplest of simple but I promise, it really does make me feel better and helps me think clearer. It’s also good for your body which is an added bonus!

3. Take some you time – Sometimes,  you just have to cut yourself a big ole slice of selfish pie and do you for a little bit. I’m not saying ignore everyone else forever, I’m just saying take some time to do something you enjoy. Read a book, go for a walk outside, go to your local coffee shop. Life is for living and why not enjoy it, we only get one (or so I’m told). Leave your worries behind for an hour or two, it won’t be terrible, I promise!

4. Pamper yourself – Today I went and got my hair done and bought a new face mask which has really helped pick me up! I still feel like a complete slob with my weight gain and break outs, always my first symptom of stress, but I feel a million times better with a new do! So what’s the big deal that I’ve gained a few pounds and my skin is acting up, it’s hardly the end of the world. I have enough things to worry about other than a temporary set back!

5. Deal with it – If you are worrying about something serious, it’s all fine and well taking your mind off of it for a bit but you are eventually going to deal with it. If you can’t do something about it then you have to let it go, which is often the hardest thing to do. There will always be another tomorrow and another fresh start. If you can deal with it, break those giant steps into little chunks and take it 5 minutes at a time. We can get through the next 5 minutes, right?

6. Ask for help – It’s impossible for us to do absolutely everything on our own and actually, it’s 100% okay to ask for help sometimes. I’m all for being an independent woman, the car I’m drivin’? I bought it! *Destiny’s Child appreciation moment* but sometimes, our baggage is too heavy to lift and we need a hand. Everyone has times like this and it’s okay for you to have them too.

I hope this helped in some way or another.


Red Lips Aren’t So Scary After All!



I’ve never been one to rock the red lip, mainly because I’m actually painfully shy and never thought I could pull it off… Maybe I actually can’t but part of growing up is not giving an f**k about what other people think and doing what you want so I decided to venture a little out of my comfort zone and find a red tone that would suit my complexion.

As you may have noticed, I’m quite pale. Some call it see-through but I like to stick with pale. As you lot with vampire-esque skin like myself will know, cool tones suit us best. Keeping this in mind, I began the quest for my red lip. Picking a red shade can be tricky so I thought there was no better place to search than MAC as they really do cater for all skin types.

As I was browsing the website, looking through the shades I remember thinking that the reds were just too dramatic when I had to gave myself a shake… Duh! That’s the point of a red lip, be bold for once! That’s when I decided on ‘All fired up’, a retro matte finish, and do you know what? I actually really like it! It also makes my teeth look a little whiter which is an added bonus!

As the formula is so thick, I apply this in layers by dabbing it on and pair it with my Rimmel Exaggerate Full Colour lip liner in ‘Red Diva’ to prevent any bleeding.





After being afraid of the red lip for so long, I’m ready to rock it and can’t wait for my next opportunity to get dressed up and sport it.

I never thought a lip stick could actually teach me anything, because, why would I?? Seriously though, get out of your comfort zone, whether it be something as simple as a new make up look or something that terrifies you. Switch it up, you can do it!


First Impression: Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation




Let me start off by apologising for the camera being slightly out of focus in the above picture. I only had time to take one and me being the scatter brain that I am, didn’t check it before running out the door. Quick life lesson for ya, when taking a selfie – always check! So this morning I got the urge to try out my Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation. You guys know every beauty blogger and their granny is raving about this stuff so I wanted to try it out for myself.

Before going all out and splashing the cash for this, I stopped my my nearest counter and the lovely girl was kind enough to match up my colour for me and give me a sample in a little tub. Without a tan, I am shade number 3 which is for those with a fair complexion and  has a yellowish undertone to it. I swatched the product on the back of my hand in store and was really excited to try this on my face. I wasn’t going anywhere special today, just work but I couldn’t wait to try it out.



As usual, I moisturised and primed my skin before applying the foundation with my Real Techniques Multi Task Brush (my absolute fav for foundation at the minute!!!). One layer of this provided me with a beautiful sheer wash of colour, however, I like a little more coverage so I applied a second layer and it builds beautifully. With all the good things I have heard about this, I expected to apply this with absolutely no problem, however, I found that it gathered in my dry patches and it took some extra effort to buff the product into these areas. My skin on my chin is dry just now as I am trying a new spot treatment (good results so far touches wood) so I’m sure that would have been the case with whatever foundation I used.

After concealer, I opted to go for a translucent powder to set everything in place as I fell a mineralise skin finish would provide too much glow over an already luminous base. My one of the minute is the Soap and Glory One Heck of a Blot. I applied the rest of my make up as usual and after taking my selfie, I headed out for a 10 hour day.

So what’s the verdict?? If it were still socially acceptable to say that this foundation is ‘the bomb’ then I totally would! I found that the longer this was on my face, the better it looked and I didn’t need to touch up once… BONUS! I did blot my nose 2 or 3 times but that doesn’t really count. And those dry patches that I mentioned earlier… It was as if by magic, the product just seamlessly adapted and this was no longer a problem in the slightest, after an hour my skin was lovely and smooth.

I was really nervous about trying this out as I tend to shy away from bases with luminous etc. finishes and stick to matte as I have an oily nose but this has completely changed my views! I’ve already placed an order online for the full size bottle and really don’t mind paying the £35.50 for a product that makes my skin look flawless… well as close as possible for me. And what’s more, I reckon I have at least another full application, if not 2 left in my sample tub.

This is the foundation for you if you are looking for that inner radiance look while still looking natural. This is maybe not the base for you if you like a matte, extremely full coverage finish.

I am looking forward to applying this even more when I don’t have those miserable dry patches on my skin.

Here is a what it looks like after 10 hours with no touch ups. You can see that it’s faded slightly from around my nose and the top of my head although for a night out I would definitely have some concealer/powder to touch up anyway.

Also, just a heads up, I was extremely tired when this was taken so please don’t be offended at my general awful appearance and the mascara rubbing off of my eye!



Pretty Last Day Hair Solution




Yup, yesterday was definitely one of those days. I was well aware of my lunch plans and that I had to be out the door by 12.30pm but I just could not bring myself to get out of bed! It was Sunday after all… The only problem with this is that my hair hadn’t been washed since Thursday morning and I was going into town so I had to look half decent, or at least try. So there in lay the problem; spend an extra 40 minutes drying and styling my hair, or have an extra half hour in bed and cross the hair bridge when I come to it? As you can tell, the inner lazy girl got to me…

So since my hair was on it’s last legs, it was looking rather dry so there was no chance I could wear it straight. I reached for my V05 Heat Protect Styling Spray and my GHDs and quickly put a few waves in the ends of my locks. Then comes the main problem of hiding all of that excess oil that has built up (gross!). To tackle this I sprayed a generous amount of the Batiste Strength and Shine dry shampoo and massaged the product into my roots providing a little volume while simultaneously hiding the fact that I would rather lie in bed and contemplate washing my hair rather than actually doing it! To be honest, the Batiste dry shampoo isn’t my fav but it’s cheap and gets the job done so I shouldn’t complain really!

Once my hair looked half decent, it was then time to get that mane out of my face. I’m not sure about you but I much prefer to have my hair out the road when it’s in need of a wash and I can no longer stand to look at it! I decided to be a little fancy and create a halo braid, which is essentially taking a section of hair on each side from just above your ear, braiding them, crossing them over the top of your head and pinning them in place.

Once my hair was all set, I rubbed in some of the Fudge Iced Tropical Cocktail Miracle Ends from their Urban collection through then ends and I was good to go.

I really like this style for when you want a more pretty, put together look and will be wearing this a lot throughout Summer.

Face of the Day







As you have probably guessed by now, I love make up! I love trying new products, finding different ways to apply make up and creating new looks. However, with that said, for work I always tend to keep things really simple. The only major reason for this is that it’s always such a struggle to drag myself out from under the covers in the morning knowing I have a full day in the office ahead of me… yawn! I also obviously have a job to be getting on with, so the last thing I need is to constantly be touching up a high maintenance make up look. I’ve said previously that I am forever changing up my make up bag and that’s still the case but this is what I’ve been slapping on in the morning in a dash to make myself presentable and head out the door…

I picked up the Rimmel matte BB cream the other day as it’s unusual for a BB cream to be matte so I was instantly intrigued. I’m not a massive BB cream fan, I went through a phase of trying out loads and only really got on with two, the Dior Skin Nude the Lioelle Beyond the Solution. I do really like these as they apply beautifully and don’t cake up my skin, but they leave me looking like a greasy mess after a few hours and it’s just not cute! If I’m being honest, I really had no expectations for this at all, I just picked it up to curb my curiosity and I’m so glad I did – I really like this and will for sure repurchase. It blends into the skin so easily and while it’s not actually matte (sorry Rimmel, good try though!) it doesn’t leave my face sinking in a pool of oil at the end of the day, in fact it’s no where near it. I really think this could be my new no effort base.

To conceal my imperfections I use the Make Up Forever Full Cover concealer and to brighten, I pop on some MAC ProLongwear in NW15 as usual. These two have been a staple in my make up bag for a while and are a winning combo for me. You can read my reviews here.

To set all that in place, I use the MAC Mineralise Skin Finish in Light Plus which just adds a beautiful Summery glow. The light powder formula allows me to set my base without caking up. If you’re a matte gal through and through then this one may not be for you and I would recommend using a normal face powder to set everything.

For work, I tend to skip the blush and highlighter so to add some colour back into to my complexion, I pop on some of my favourite bronzer to create some definition and just generally make me look alive. I’ve been in love with Nars Laguna since I first bought it and I honestly don’t think I’ve used another bronzer since I got this. Is it socially acceptable to say you’re in love with a product?? Oh well, too late! It’s the perfect mix of cool tones and reds and it great for some serious contour or just adding a little definition like I did today.

Moving onto brows because if you haven’t done your brows before you’ve left the house, you need to go back to bed, wake up again and get them done! Unless yours are perfect in the first place or you just don’t want to, in which case, don’t bother :) No change here, I just carve out my shape with the Laura Mercier Brow Definer Gel and an angled brush, pop on some clear mascara over the top and BOOM, the brows are in position.

Last but certainly not least, I give my lashes a little curl and chuck on two coats of my mascara of the moment. I’ve been using the Collection Does It All for a little while and I am seriously impressed! I’d even go as far as to say it’s a dupe for the Benefit They’re Real…. No, seriously! If I feel the same way in a few days, I’ll do an in depth post, because who doesn’t love a good dupe???

To finish things off, I’ll chuck on a lip colour and some Fix Plus and head out the door. I tend to change my lip colour all the time but today I’m wearing the Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick in the shade 33 which is a really pretty pink colour.




On Fridays, we dress down in the office so I went for a casual fishtail braid and a Summery blouse. It’s just a shame I actually had to go to work…

Cleansing Wipes… They’re Back!




I’m sure you all have heard the warnings “don’t use wipes to take off your make up, they don’t clean your face properly” or “they leave residue and dirt” or words to that effect… I too have heard these warnings loud and clear and as a result have stayed well clear of cleansing wipes for the best part of 2 years now, which probably leaves you wondering why I wrote this post. Well let me just pull you out of that suspense and explain myself…

Like most of us, I leave my cleansing routine until just before I go to bed at night so that my face is all fresh and clean feeling which sets me up for a good night’s sleep. However, because I don’t cleanse until bedtime, I’m often left with a full face of make up to take off at 11pm… So not the kind of chore you need for that stage in the day! But alas – I have found a way to get rid of my make up when I get home in the evenings without doing my full cleansing routine too early and risk dirt and bacteria building up in my skin resulting in me having to cleanse again. Not sure about you guys but just thinking about that is tiring me out!

A few weeks ago, after a particularly long and sweaty day, I got in the house and was desperate to clean my face so I rummaged through my drawers and found some wipes that hadn’t dried up, swiped all (well most) of my make up off in one easy motion and carried on with the rest of the evening with a makeup less, weightless face (it really is the simple things in life). After realising how good it felt not to be left with the remains of the days full face on my skin for the latter parts of the evening and having pondered the whole cleansing too early dilemma for a while, I decided to head to my nearest Boots and pick up some wipes to be added into my routine and I have yet to see a negative effect on my skin.

Of course, if you only use cleansing wipes alone to remove make up, then the chances are your skin will suffer as they do not have the ability to get ‘right in there’ and often leave traces of make up on your face which will allow bacteria to manifest and impurities to develop. This is not a recommendation I would give if you like the whole blemish free look! With this in mind, I be sure to follow through with the rest of my cleansing routine at my normal time to ensure that my skin doesn’t suffer.




You can pick from all sorts of cleansing wipes at your local drug store for pretty cheap. There are some dearer ones on the market with all sorts of fancy claims but if you use them just to let your skin breathe for a few hours, I reckon spending a few pounds is more than enough. At the moment, I am really enjoying the Simple range and the nice tingly feeling they leave, although any brand will take the majority of your make up off with no fuss!

With that said, I’m off to do my full cleansing night time routine and go to sleep!

Summer Saviours



Incase you didn’t already know, Summer is well and truly here! Time to switch up your make uproutine and venture into the world of colour and get your glow on!

Summer for me means taking a walk on the wild side and stepping out of my comfort zone which usually involves leaving the matte finish and dark colours behind. Here is what I’ve been liking this season to brighten up my face and cheat that fresh “I woke up like dis” glow.

The Bourjouis 123 Perfect CC cream is a bit of a rediscovery for me. This is a great one for those days when you don’t want the full coverage of a foundation but still have a few imperfections to conceal (we’re all human after all). If you’re an oily girl like myself, you will find yourself having to touch up your T zone every few hours but that’s part of your daily routine that I’m sure you’re already used to… I know I am! Added bonus, no need to bother with a brush, I just apply with my fingers and sweep it all over the face. I’m really impressed with the velvety finish and texture of this product, it really has the feel of a luxury brand. One to check out if you want a bit of illumination without any hassle.





One I’ve been wearing on my lips for every day is MAC’s Sunny Seoul –  such a beautiful pinky coral with cool undertones making it perfect for those with pale skin. This is one of their cream sheen formulas which gives a subtle pop of colour without being too in your face. During the Summer months, I like to stick to a soft eye and a nice bright lip and this lip stick does the job perfectly!



Another one for providing a subtle pop is the Benefit Lollitint. I use this on my cheeks and on my lips for a dewy pink glow. I had a tester of this a while back and had no option but to buy the full size version!… Do I ever have a choice?! This little bottle of wonder is so versatile and the colour is just really pretty… If that doesn’t convince you to give it a whirl, then I’m afraid nothing will.

Last but not least, for my complexion, I have been brightening things up with MAC’s Mineralise Skin Finishes. Instead of setting my makeup with a face powder, I have been sweeping Light Plus all over my face to give a natural healthy glow without looking greasy. This still holds all my make up in place and keeps the oil at bay for that extra little bit whilst giving the impression that I have perfect skin (well perfect-ish… It doesn’t actually give you a new face!). Then, just because it’s Summer and well, why not, I add a little bit of Soft and Gentle to the tops of my cheek bones and down the bridge of my nose if I’m feeling super glowy. If you are new to the world of highlighters and you haven’t yet come across this one, shut down your laptop and go to your nearest MAC counter right now and swatch it! Unless you’re reading this at night or you have actual important stuff to do then you can go later :) In all seriousness though, Soft and Gentle is the most beautiful highlight shade to finish off any look and suits all skin tones.


Another Neutral Pallet??

So this week I decided to be a bit naughty and spend some (A LOT) of my hard earned cash in MAC… I’m not even sorry!

I am an absolute sucker for a neutral smokey eye, it’s just so easy and suitable for all occasions! So it was no surprise that I was most excited to try out the Warm Neutral x 15 Eye Shadow Pallet.

Unless you’re living under a beauty rock, you will know that the quality of MAC eye shadows are amazing and they’re known for their pigmentation, blending quality and shade range. All that x 15… What’s not to love?

We all know the drill with pallets. There is always that one dud shade that you are just never going to pull off and it just sits there looking all clean and unused, taunting you. Well not with this pallet! Don’t get me wrong, there are definitely  one or two colours that I wouldn’t wear on their own but there is not a shade in here that I couldn’t blend out with another to create a beautiful finish. 

This baby will set you back £65 but so far, it’s been worth every penny. Yes, it’s pricey compared to the likes of Urban Decay pallets which are really just as good, but sometimes you just have to treat yourself, right?? 

Shades listed below:

Hey, Warm Breeze, Gingersnap, Dark Brew, Dance in the Dark, Brule Vanilla Extract, Honey Lust, Amber Lights, Saddle, Lemon Tart, Butterfudge, Creative Copper, Unwind and Divine Decadence.

Let me know in the comments if you would like to see what other sneaky purchases I made at Mac :)


June Favourites



Anyone else feel like they’ve just blinked and it’s all of a sudden July??? Seriously, how quickly is this year going in? I hear it happens more often as you get older so I guess this is what being an adult feels like!

Anyhoo, as another month has flown us by, it’s that time again… Yup, it’s monthly favourites time and here’s what I’ve been digging this month.

I’ll begin with the St Tropez express one hour tan because as you know, I’m obsessed with this! I won’t say too much as I have already done a full review which you can read here. Basically, this gives you the most beautiful glow with no effort and I highly recommend this to my fellow pale gals looking for a nice wash of colour for the Summer months… Or whenever you like really ;)

I’ve also already spoken about this one in another post which you can check out here, but I just couldn’t leave it out as this has been on my face almost every day throughout the month of June. The Tarte Amazonian Clay full coverage foundation will cover all of your blemishes and scarring whilst still feeling incredibly light on the skin. No joke, I had a serious melt down wearing this foundation and it did not budge one bit! If you think you’re going to be in for a rough day, this might be one to apply that morning!

So as I have been sporting a bit of colour on my body recently, I’ve had to step it up a bit in the bronzer stakes, not just using it to contour but to add some warmth into my face as well. For this, I have been loving the Nars Laguna bronzer as it is not too orange no matter how much you apply. Do you ever just get too much product on the brush and disaster strikes? Not a problem with this bronzer. Perfect contour, perfect colour!

I’ve mentioned to you guys before that I have slightly oily skin and with this comes a serious need for spot control. I am forever on the hunt for new skin care that is going to keep everything smooth and even. About 2 weeks ago, I stopped by the Origins counter and picked up their Spot Remover Blemish Treatment Pads. The idea of these is after you have cleansed and applied toner, you just sweep one of these all over your face before your moisturiser morning and night and bye bye breakouts! Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not about to claim that I’ve got perfect skin over here but I really feel like they have made a massive difference to my face over all and will continue to use these even when I’m having those sacred good skin times, just because I love the tingly feeling :)

We all know the importance of keeping the skin hydrated and it’s no different when it comes to your lips! Recently, I’ve been loving The Body Shop lip butter in strawberry. The creamy formula just glides onto the lips and feels really nourishing. And did I mention the scent?? Oh my goodness, the scent! It’s to die for! It seriously makes me want to eat it. Go give it a whiff! 

In the perfume department, I’ve been branching out a little and have decided to be more adventurous. I picked up the Coco Chanel Noir perfume in April and have been wearing it every day since. I know it’s really frustrating having someone trying to explain a scent to you but let’s just say it’s sophisticated and fresh at the same time. Does that make sense? It’s just super nice, believe me!

So that’s it for my June monthly favourites. I hope you enjoyed reading what I have been enjoying beauty wise this month and I would love to hear your thoughts on any of the products mentioned or of you have any other favourites :)